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AIP 2020 Full
2020 සැලසුම පළාත් හා කලාප මට්ටමින්
13 years
Inclusive Education
special education
Non formal Education
Pirivena Education
Plantation Schools & Tamil Medium
Free Education Policy
Strengthening education welfare programmes
Construction & repair
Supply goods
Disaster Management
School Health, Nutrition & Sports
Career Guidence
School Counseling
Technical Education
Communication & Media Studies
1st language
2nd Language
Social Studies
Bilingual Education
Religious Education
Environment Education
Commerce, Business Studies & Accounting
Text Books
Gifted Students
Social Cohesion
Trilingual Education
Regional level Special development activities
Teacher Centers
Teacher Development
National Examinataion
Provincial Examination
Digital Teching & learning
International Linkage
School Financing System
School Supervision
Strengthening Administration and Establishment
HRD-Non Academic Staff
HRD- Principals & Managerial Staff
Maintain & Promote Standards for Education institutes including Productivity, ISO
Education Policy Making
Education Research
Result Based Monitoring & Evalution
Data management including School Census
Updating NEMIS, SIS
Public Awareness PROGRAMME On Educational Achievement
Establishment of sectoral & sub-sectoral linkages
School Based Learning Enhancement Grant
Education Quality Development
Infrastructure Development
Strengthening Education Administration& School Activities
Cross DLI Activities
National Education Reform
Quality Assurance
No PMN Project Name/ AMN & Activity Name / Activity Allocation in Rs Million Project
in Rs Million
Strengthening Administration and Establishment
1 22/ADM01

Strengthening Administration & Establishment

22/ADM01/01/1C/AT Conduct programs to empower the administration & establishment - 0.1000
22/ADM01/02/1K/AT Empowering officers & other staff on administration - 0.4000
2 22/AES01

Conduct teacher training programs

22/AES01/01/1J/AT Technology for teaching & learning - 0.5000
3 22/AES02

Quality Developments in Aesthetic Education

22/AES02/01/1C/AT Competitions and performance improvement workshops - 1.0000
4 22/AES03

Teacher trainings in secondary education

22/AES03/01/1K/AT Career Guidance programs in Aesthetic Education - 1.5000
Bilingual Education
5 22/BIL03

Conducting co curricular activities related to Bilingual Education

22/BIL03/01/1C/AT Conducting subject camps to encourage students in learning - 0.0600
6 22/BIL01

Capacity Development programs of Bilingual Education Teachers

22/BIL01/01/1C/AT Conducting quality Circles for Bilingual Education Teachers - 0.1100
7 22/BIL02

Improving performance of national level examinations

22/BIL02/01/1C/AT Preparation of model papers, printing & distribution - 0.3300
8 22/CCA01

Strengthening Co curricular activities & extra curricular activities

22/CCA01/01/1C/AT Cor curler guide line - 0.3500
22/CCA01/02/1K/AT Training work shop for cor curler activities - 0.3300
22/CCA01/03/1K/AT Write up work shop - 0.1500
22/CCA01/04/1K/AT Exploration - 0.0700
9 22/CGD22

Implementation of GEMP - Career Guidance

22/CGD22/01/9G/AT Provide equipment for Zonel level modern career guidance unit (Gampaha, Horana, Kaluthara, Homagama, Negambo, kelaniya, Colombo) - 4.0000
22/CGD22/02/8F/AT Renovation of Career guidance Units ( Homagama & Colombo) - 1.0000
22/CGD22/03/9E/AT Provide furniture for career Guidance unit - 1.5000
22/CGD22/04/9E/AT Reprint 2nd edition of hand book and CRG tool kit - 1.5000
22/CGD22/05/9K/AT Create a Web page for Career Guidance subject for the Western Province and training teachers about the webpage - 1.0000
22/CGD22/06/9K/AT Workshop for career Guidance teachers and Career guidance officers - 0.5000
22/CGD22/07/9K/AT Career guidance worshop for students in district level - 0.5000
Commerce, Business Studies & Accounting
10 22/COM01

Result improvement of O/L Commerce

22/COM01/01/9B/AT Results development programmes for O/L Commerce - 0.3300
11 22/COM02

Result improvement of A/L Commerce stream

22/COM02/01/9B/AT Results development programmes for students A/L Commerce stream - 0.7000
22/COM02/02/9B/AT Model paper preparation and typesetting for Accountancy, Economics, Business studies & Business statistics - 0.1200
22/COM02/03/9B/AT Preparation of cover up tutorials for A/L Economics - 0.0800
22/COM02/04/9B/AT Preparation of cover up tutorials for A/L Accounting - 0.0800
22/COM02/05/9B/AT Results development programmes for A/L Commerce in Tamil medium - 0.1000
12 22/COM04

Capacity Buiding of teachers, ISAs and officers on teaching methodology

22/COM04/01/9B/AT Teacher development in A/L Commerce stream - 0.7300
22/COM04/02/9B/AT Teacher development programmes for O/L Commerce teachers - 0.5500
Cross DLI Activities
13 22/CRO01

Regional Level Issues in Provincial, Zonal, Divisional & School Level as CERC

22/CRO01/01/9K/AT Cross DLI Activities - Regional Level Issues- ( Provincial & Zonal Projects as CERC) - 12.7000
22/CRO01/02/9K/AT Cross DLI Activities - Regional Level Issues- ( Divisional Projects as CERC) - 3.8000
22/CRO01/03/9G/AT Cross DLI Activities - Supply of Equipment (Machinery) - as CERC - 8.0000
22/CRO01/04/9E/AT Cross DLI Activities - Supply of Equipment (Furniture) - as CERC - 1.0000
22/CRO01/05/1C/AT CERC Activities in School Level - 5.0000
Data management including School Census
14 22/DAT01

Data management including school census

22/DAT01/01/1J/AT Updating and maintaining Senses data base - 0.5000
22/DAT01/02/1C/AT Conduct Programme on updating and maintaining NEMIS and information system and senses data base - 0.5500
Strengthening Education Administration& School Activities
15 22/EAD01

Empowering officers and other staff in Education Administration

22/EAD01/01/1K/AT Conduct capacity development program for officers & other staff - 0.5000
16 22/ENG22

Implementation of GEMP 2022 in English

22/ENG22/01/9K/AT Conduct teacher awareness programmes on ELLE Activities and progress review - 0.0530
22/ENG22/02/9K/AT preparing writing activities - 0.0500
22/ENG22/03/8F/AT Conducting English Language Competitions - 0.2000
22/ENG22/04/9K/AT Conducting Scarbbel Tournaments - 1.1000
22/ENG22/08/9E/AT Make reading facilities available at selected schools (providing English reading materials and a steel cupboard to 40 schools) - 2.0000
22/ENG22/05/9K/AT Conduct teacher awareness programmes on ELLE Activities and progress review - Zonal Level - 0.8470
22/ENG22/06/8F/AT Conducting English Language Competitions - Zonal Level - 2.7500
22/ENG22/07/8F/AT Language display programme (SBLEG)) - 2.0000
22/ENG22/09/9E/AT Preparing and publishing a book on improving writing skills of students - 2.5000
22/ENG22/10/9G/AT Providing facilities to smart activity rooms and zonal resource centers. - 4.0000
22/ENG22/11/8F/AT Initiating speaking clubs (SBLEG) - 1.1000
22/ENG22/12/9G/AT Introduce and promote the game scrabble to the selected schools and provision of scrabble boards. - 1.5000
22/ENG22/13/8F/AT Conducting English Week Programme (SBLEG) - 2.4000
22/ENG22/14/8F/AT Repairing Zonal English Support Centers (SBLEG) - 3.5000
Education Quality Development
17 22/EQD01

Orientation Programs for Officers/Principals/ISAs/ and Teachers

22/EQD01/01/1J/AT Awareness programs For Officers and Others - 6.7000
22/EQD01/02/1K/AT Awareness programmes For Officers and Others - 0.5000
22/EQD01/03/1L/AT Awareness programms For Officers and Others - 2.5000
School Financing System
18 22/FIN01

Straightly Provincial Finance System

22/FIN01/01/1C/AT Conducting Provincial Finance System - 0.2000
19 22/FIN02

Straightly Provincial Finance System

22/FIN02/01/1K/AT Conducting Provincial Finance System - 0.3000
HRD- Principals & Managerial Staff
20 22/HRD22

Implementation of GEMP - Human Resource Management

22/HRD22/01/9K/AT Conducting NCFSLM training programs for principals - 12.0000
22/HRD22/02/9K/AT Training on Professional and soft skills for executive officers (SMART DIRECTOR Program) - 2.5000
22/HRD22/03/9K/AT Training on Professional and soft skills for Non academic staff (Smart Officer Program) - 5.5000
21 22/ICT08

Improve strength of GIT staff

22/ICT08/01/9B/AT Training workshop for GIT staff - 0.7000
22 22/ICT09

Promote Digital Base Learning

22/ICT09/01/9B/AT Training workshop on Digital Base Teachimg - 2.4000
23 22/ICT07

Improve learning achievements level of A/L ICT students

22/ICT07/01/9B/AT Training workshop for A/L ICT teachers - 0.9000
24 22/LIB01


22/LIB01/01/1C/AT Awareness meeting for library - 0.1400
22/LIB01/02/1C/AT Program for empowering student on libraries - 0.1600
25 22/MAT01

AL Combined math result improvement program

22/MAT01/01/9B/AT Preparation and translation of study packs for combined math lessons - 0.2000
Communication & Media Studies
26 22/MED01

Communication & Media Studies

22/MED01/01/1K/AT Conducting Communication & Media Studies - 0.2000
Non formal Education
27 22/NFE01

Strengthening Non-formal Education

22/NFE01/01/1L/AT Conducting training programs on Non - Formal Education - 3.6000
22/NFE01/02/1G/AT Counselling payments of Vocational Training Program - 9.7900
Provincial Examination
28 22/PEX01

Annual Term Test & Evaluation

22/PEX01/01/1F/AT Conducting Annual term tests conducted by Provincial Education Department - 36.0000
29 22/PLA22

Implementation of GEMP - Education Planning & Monitoring

22/PLA22/01/9K/AT Conduct comprehensive Education review for Western Province General Education System - 3.0000
30 22/POS01

Postal Processing

22/POS01/01/1C/AT Expenses for postal process - 0.1000
31 22/PRE01

Strengthening Preschool Education

22/PRE01/01/1J/AT Conducting programs for pre school owners, teachers and parents - 2.5000
22/PRE01/02/1C/AT Printing materials & web designing for pre school education - 0.5000
32 22/PRI01

Capacity Building Of Teachers, ISAs, Officers of Teaching Methodology And Primary Education

22/PRI01/01/1J/AT Programme to strengthen primary subject officers , teachers and advisors - 1.8800
22/PRI01/02/1J/AT Awareness program for principal and sectional head of primary Education - 0.5500
22/PRI01/03/1J/AT Awareness programme for first major steps teachers - 1.1000
22/PRI01/04/1J/AT Achievement level development programme for primary schools in colombo zone - 0.2000
22/PRI01/05/1J/AT Awareness workshop for Child Friendly School Principles - 0.2000
22/PRI01/06/1J/AT Student"s Aesthetic Entertainment Program - 0.2200
Maintain & Promote Standards for Education institutes including Productivity, ISO
33 22/PRO01

maintain and promote standards for education institutes including productivity,ISO

22/PRO01/01/1C/AT Implement Productivity concepts in Zones, Divisions and schools - 2.0000
22/PRO01/02/1K/AT Productivity assessment and Audit - 0.5000
34 22/PSI22

Implementation of GEMP -EPSI

22/PSI22/01/9K/AT Strengthening School Planning & School Based Management - 2.0000
22/PSI22/02/9S/AT Preparation of school master plans for schools (SBLEG) - 6.0000
22/PSI22/03/9S/AT Establishment of school planning task group (SBLEG) - 2.0000
22/PSI22/04/9S/AT Online mechanism for school planning (on WestEdd DSIS : edudept.wp.gov.lk) - 1.0000
22/PSI22/05/9S/AT Strengthening school SDEC and SMC (SBLEG) - 14.0000
22/PSI22/06/9S/AT Enhance Socio Emotional Skills of all students -Oxygen (SBLEG) - 10.0000
22/PSI22/07/9S/AT Conduct Programs to modernize the school culture - 30.0000
Education Research
35 22/RAD01

Education Research & Development

22/RAD01/01/1L/AT Training workshop for Education Research - 0.1500
22/RAD01/02/1L/AT Research Symposium - 0.1000
22/RAD01/03/1G/AT Research Document - 0.5000
22/RAD01/04/1L/AT Meeting with Research Coordinators - 0.0200
Regional level Special development activities
36 22/REG01

Regional Level Special Development Activities

22/REG01/01/1J/AT Regional Level Special Development Activity 1 - 4.0000
22/REG01/02/1C/AT Regional Level Special Development Activity 2 - 1.3500
22/REG01/02/1K/AT Regional Level Special Development Activity 3 - 3.0000
22/REG01/03/1L/AT Regional Level Special Development Activity 4 - 1.3600
Religious Education
37 22/REL01

Buddhism-Capacity Development programme for teachers

22/REL01/01/1K/AT Buddhism_Teacher Training Program - 1.0000
38 22/REL05

Buddhism-Student Leadership Development programme

22/REL05/01/1C/AT Buddhism_Improve the attitudes of prefects - 0.0550
22/REL05/02/1C/AT Buddhism_Practical use of buddhist ceromonies and rituals - 0.0100
22/REL05/03/1C/AT Buddhism_" Daham Danuma" competition - 0.0400
22/REL05/04/1C/AT Buddhism_Meetings for zonal buddhism subject directors and teachers - 0.0100
39 22/REL06

Buddhism_Increase the Subject Achievement

22/REL06/01/1C/AT Buddhism_Seminars for grade 10 and 11 students who are below 40 marks - 0.2750
22/REL06/02/1C/AT Buddhism_Seminars for the grade 6 to 9 students who obtained less than 40 marks - 0.0550
22/REL06/03/1C/AT Buddhism_Seminars for grade 12 and 13 students - 0.0550
40 22/REL07

Catholicism_Enhance the Catholic Education

22/REL07/01/1C/AT Catholicism_seminars for grade 11 students - 0.1000
22/REL07/02/1C/AT Catholicism_Seminars for A/L students (district wise) - 0.0050
22/REL07/03/1C/AT Catholicism_explaining the true denotation of the Christmas festival - 0.0250
22/REL07/04/1C/AT Catholicism_improve the attitude of students - 0.0200
41 22/REL08

Hinduism & Islam

22/REL08/01/1C/AT Hinduism_Subjects results improvement workshops for Tamil medium teachers in District wise - 0.0000
22/REL08/02/1K/AT Hinduism_Subject Results Improvement program for Students in District wise. - 0.1000
22/REL08/03/1C/AT Hinduism_Subject Results Improvement program for Teacher in District wise. - 0.1000
42 22/REL09

Catholicism_Capacity Building of Catholic Subject Teachers

22/REL09/01/1K/AT Catholicism_Teacher Training Program - 0.1500
43 22/REL10


22/REL10/01/1C/AT ISLAM_Subject Results Improvement program for Teacher in District wise. - 0.1000
22/REL10/02/1K/AT ISLAM_Subject Results Improvement program for Students in District wise. - 0.1000
44 22/SCI01

Improve the quality of human resource

22/SCI01/01/9B/AT Teacher training p[programs for AL Teachers - 0.3000
22/SCI01/02/9B/AT Teacher training programs / Quality cycle & review meeting - 1.6800
45 22/SCI02

Science result improvement program

22/SCI02/01/9B/AT Student camp/ practical workshops & content development for result improvement - 1.3000
22/SCI02/02/9B/AT Preparation & printing additional learning aids for students - 0.6000
22/SCI02/03/9B/AT Preparation of term test & rehearsal question papers with type setting - 0.2500
46 22/SCI03

Science popularization program

22/SCI03/01/9B/AT Provincial & zonal competition, Olympiad & other activities - 0.8700
1st language
47 22/SIN01

Conducting Programs on 1st Language

22/SIN01/01/1K/AT Capacity bulding programme for teacher - 2.0000
48 22/SIN02

Conducting Programs on 1st Language

22/SIN02/01/1C/AT Increase the language slills of student from grade 6-11 - 2.0000
2nd Language
49 22/SNL01

Teachers and student development programme in 2nd language

22/SNL01/01/1K/AT conduct development programme in 2nd language - 0.1000
Social Studies
50 22/SST01

Empowering Social Science Subject

22/SST01/05/1K/AT Training Method For Civic Teachers - 0.9400
22/SST01/06/1K/AT Improve Map Marking Skills - 0.1650
22/SST01/07/1K/AT ModEl Paper Activity Sheet History - 0.3300
22/SST01/01/1K/AT Model Paper Activity Sheet Civics - 0.3800
22/SST01/02/1K/AT Write Up Work Shop For Civics Module - 0.0900
22/SST01/03/1K/AT Progress Meeting Directors And ISA - 0.0400
22/SST01/04/1K/AT Social Science Competition - 0.5550
51 22/STA01

Stationery Expenses

22/STA01/01/1C/AT Stationery expenditures & other expenses - 0.5000
Plantation Schools & Tamil Medium
52 22/TAM01

Plantation Schools & Tamil Medium

22/TAM01/01/1J/AT Capacity Development for principals & Teachers. - 1.0000
22/TAM01/02/1C/AT Result improve workshop for students and printing metierieals and meetings - 0.5000
22/TAM01/03/1K/AT Subjects results improvement workshops for Tamil medium teachers - 1.0000
Technical Education
53 22/TEC03

Competitions in A/L Technology stream

22/TEC03/01/9B/AT Best Technology faculty competition - 0.4000
54 22/TEC01

Capacity Building of teachers, ISAs and officers

22/TEC01/01/1K/AT Teacher Development (O/l Agriculture ) - 0.3500
55 22/TEC02

Result Improvment of A/L Technology Stream

22/TEC02/01/9B/AT Improvement of practical competencies of Engineering technology students - 1.1000
22/TEC02/02/9B/AT Improvement of practical competencies of Bio system technology students - 0.6600
22/TEC02/03/9B/AT Preparation and typesetting of Seminar papers for A/L ET, BST & SFT - 0.1500
Teacher Development
56 22/TED01

Orientation Program For Newly Recruited Graduates

22/TED01/01/1J/AT Conducting Orientation program for new graduates - 3.0000